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Angela Christie In Philedelphia City Paper

Looks like Angie's going to be in another book.  Tatted, GritCityInc.'s gorgeous new coffee-table book ($34.95, Dec. 7 by Marianne Bernstein.  Take a look at Marianne's interview and why she chose to photograph the people and tattoos she did. Click Angie's image to be taken to the interview.



Gallery Shows!

Dr Beetle and I will be showing together again!  This time it’s at Gallery 5 in Virginia for the Carnival of 5 Fires curated by Elizabeth Bissette.  The show begins October 2nd and there will be a huge carnival on Halloween.   Elizabeth ( Lonesome Liz) will be presenting her contribution “Lonesome Liz’s Mojo Sideshow” at the event and will feature artists such as:

Dr. Beetle, Elizabeth Bissette, Charles Parker Boggs, Molly Crabapple, Katelan V. Foisy, Wes Freed, Christoph Mueller

and performances by:
J.B. Beverley http://www.myspace.com/waywarddrifters (Murder Junkies/Hank III)
Ron Smith http://www.myspace.com/cousinwildweed (Film-maker/Hellbilly cult figure)

You can become a presenter at this years Carnival of 5 Fires by clicking here

That right there is me with Dr. Beetle’s fine dolls.  Kathleen wasn’t joking when she said the detail on them was unreal.  They are gorgeous and filled with loving protective energy.  You can see them up close here.  They also inspired me to make cupcakes which is my absolute favorite baked good to make.

The other show October 3rd features my painting of Angela Christie!  I am happy to announce that I will be showing with the awesome Blood Dumpster Collective at Behr-Thyssen from 6-9p.m. http://www.behr-thyssen.com/ This is in NYC so if you are around come check it out and say hello to me.


Inspired by DVS Detroit and Paul Thorson.  Thank you kindly for letting me use your images to create mine.




They Be We Takes To The Streets

Our fans have been taking TBW to the streets.  Once we resize the images we'll post them up.

TBW 11 x 17 cubed small


Angela Christie in Chase Lisbon's Gallery Show 


The first Gallery Show of Chase Lisbon. The first time that prints have been displayed or sold to the public.

Photos of: Andy San Dimas, Apnea/Apneatic, Asphyxia/StMarx, August, Autumn, Babybolts, Baby Britain, Billiejean, Coco Velvett, Dana Dearmond, Dimes, Georgia, Hannah Rose, Isabelle, Jane Jett, Kansas City, Kat Von D, Kendall, Lady Days, La Secta, Lauren W K, Memphis, Nico Elise, Oliver Peck, Pea Pod, Pinky Lee, Pixie Pearl, Reagan Maddox, Rory, Rosemary, Roxie, Sara Jones, Sissy, Snakefight, Snowflake St. Marks, Swindle, Vashti, Veronica, and Veruca.

*Angela also goes by Nico Elise and Rosemary

Chase Lisbon, Models: Apnea, Billie Jean, Casio, Rosemary/Nico Elise, PInky Lee, Roxie, August, Asphyxia, Hanna Rose, Jane jett/ La Secta, Baby Bolts, Isabelle, Rory, Lady Days, Veronica, Peapod, Supercult Banger Crew and family will all be in attendance.

May 2nd 2009. Philadelphia, PA. Studio2728.com. 6-9 PM. Afterparty / TEN CMNDMNTS / At The Barbary.

Models from Burning Angel, Crazy Babe, Deviant Nation, Gods Girls, Supercult, Vivid Alt, and Zivity.

Sponsored by: Supercult.com, Apneatic.com, Creep Street, Ghost Town Tattoos, Itsajackal.com, Katie Sellergren Tattoo, Nerve.com, Vinterikket, Tomås Garcia, WZRDCREW, SC/BC, Sweet Jane vintage, Decades on the Ave, Vinterriket, CIROC VODKA.

I hope to get there this weekend and spend some time checking out Chase's awesome work as well as spending some time with the beautiful ladies of Supercult.

xo, K